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Zanny Zebras

Zanny Zebras free slot machine game

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The Free, Online Zanny Zebras Slot Machine Game

The free, Zanny Zebras slot machine game is fun and easy to learn. The online game has three reels and five different paylines and is quite similar to a number of other free slot machine games. The game has a wild symbol, but no scatter symbols. In this free slot machine game, the wild symbol ‘zebra’ can both complete winning combinations and also let you win the jackpot of 6,000 coins. The second jackpot is 4000 coins. A maximum of five coins can be played on this slot machine game. The free Zanny Zebra game is built on a wildlife theme and is fun to play.

How to Play the Free, Online Zanny Zebras Slot Machine Game

There are five regular symbols in addition to the wild symbol in this free slot machine game. There are no bonus features in the free, Zanny Zebras like those available in other online slot games. Multiple wild symbols on an activated payline can increase your winnings. The minimum and maximum amounts you can play are $0.25 and $5.00 and the value of your winnings will depend on the amount you bet with. With every coin you bet, an additional payline gets enabled. Playing additional paylines makes your win easier and also multiplies your payouts. There are several winning options like three Seven symbols, three Bell symbols or any combination of Bar symbols. Three Wild symbols ‘Zanny Zebra’ on the fifth payline will fetch you the jackpot of $6000,and you will be awarded the second jackpot of 4000 coins if 5 ‘Zanny Zebra’ symbols appear on payline 4.