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What On Earth

What On Earth free slot machine game

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The Free, Online What on Earth Slot Machine Game

The free, online ‘What on Earth’ slot machine game has 5 reels and 9 paylines. The jackpot in this slot machine game is 7500 coins and the second jackpot is 1000 coins. The game has regular symbols like ‘What on Earth’, ‘Port Hole’, ‘Console’, ‘Asteroid’, ‘Watermelon Planet’, ‘Plum Saturn‘, ‘Orange Sun‘ and ‘Cherry Comet’,. The wild symbol ‘What on Earth’ only substitutes the ‘Port Hole’ and the ‘Console’ symbols to produce winning combinations. Appraisal of this online game is free, and you can play this no download slot in the comfort of your own home. The online game ‘What on Earth’ has a super outer space theme and comes with superb graphics and appropriate spacecraft sounds.

How to Play the Free, Online What on Earth Slot Machine Game

The minimum and maximum amounts a player can bet per payline in this free slot machine game is $0.01, and $1 respectively. The online ‘What on Earth’ game comes with a lot of bonus features, which include a wild symbol, a multiplier, three scatter symbols and three bonus games. The wild symbol, ‘What on Earth’, substitutes all other symbols other than the scatter symbols to form winning combinations. A single wild symbol doubles all winnings, and two of them make your payouts fourfold. The scatter symbols are the ‘Shuttle’, ‘Saucer’, and ‘Rocket’ and three such symbols must be scattered on adjacent reels to activate the ‘Beam ‘em Up’ bonus game. In the ‘Beam ‘em Up’ bonus game, you can win multiplier values or initiate the ‘Beam ‘em Up Contest’ bonus game or the ‘Destination’ bonus game. The second bonus game is a contest between aliens who beam you points and your goal is to select the alien that earns you the maximum number of points. Lastly, the ‘Destination’ bonus game let you pick the geographical location from New York, London, Tokyo and Cairo for a personalized play of What on Earth game. The jackpot of 7500 coins in the free, ‘What on Earth’ game is awarded when a player gets 5 ‘What on Earth’ symbols in any one of the activated payline. The player gets the second jackpot of 1000 coins, when 4 ‘What on Earth’ symbols appear on any activated payline.