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Western Wilderness

Western Wilderness free slot game

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Play a Great Slot Game with a Western Theme: Western Wilderness Slot Game

Backed only the top online casinos, Western Wildness slot game is an offering for casino enthusiasts and novices looking for a slot game to enjoy and even win loads of prizes. The Western Wildness slot game has 5 reels, 20 pay lines, and 10-coin limit. The slot game features two Scatter Icons and a Wild Icon among other important symbols. There’s also a bonus round that adds a much-needed respite from spinning and hitting the combos.

The Western Wildness slot game is so easy to play. The interface has all the needed controls and adjustments, from setting bets, changing coins, to setting pay lines per game. Players can also click on Help to learn more about the Western Wildness slot game rules. There’s also a Payline clickable for easy access to the value of every combination and symbol on the slot game.

Unlike other slot games online, the Western Wildness slot game requires no downloading. Just upload the game and the interface will pop up on your screen, ready for play. This is a great way to practice for an online casino tournament by orienting yourself with cursors, timing, and the virtual environment of playing bets.
You can easily convert from playing for free on Western Wildness slot game to betting real money and winning cash in the process. Every player has the option to play for free or take a chance at real bets and winning cold cash.

A Free Online Slot Game with High Quality Graphic and Sound Design

Players are introduced to the Western Wildness slot game with a Flash animation highlighting the game and design theme: the Wild, Wild West landscape with gunslingers drawing their weapons. This is already a sneak preview of Western slot game’s superior graphics.

For a free slot game, you sure get high quality Flash animation bonus feature, terrifically rendered illustration, theme fonts, and a sonically consistent sound design, invoking the windswept barren terrain of salons and tumbleweeds. Really, for a free online slot game, players get more than what they usually expect.

Western Wildness Slot Game Important Symbols

The symbols you need to watch out for are the Dual Barrel Shotgun Icon, Ox Skull Icon—both Scatter Icons—and the Wheel Icon, which is a Wild Icon.

The Wheel Icon can substitute for any icon to complete a winning combination, with the exemption of a scatter. The Ox Skul activates the Western Wildness slot game bonus round at the appearance of three of the icons on a spin. The Dual Barrel Shotgun gives you up to 100 free spins.

The Western Wilderness Slot Game Bonus Round

Activating the Bonus game is a visit to the Shoot Out at the O-Kee Doke Corral
The player goes into a shooting range trying to win more coins by gunning down bottles arranged in shelves. You are given six shots on the slot game bonus. Coins are earned after every busted bottle, and you get to play longer if you hit a bottle with a corresponding moneybag. Bottles with an ammo box reload the gun.

For Flash gamers looking to hit the jackpot, the Western Wilderness slot game is a welcome treat.