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Travel Bug

Travel Bug free slot game

Click the image and play free Travel Bug slot machine game
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Watch Your Winnings Multiply in the Travel Bug Slot Game

Travel and slot machine may have more in common. But how about these two and insects? Well, this free online slot game just made these three elements closer than ever. Thanks to the Travel Bug slot game players of any level, can now enjoy a globetrotting insect-themed online slot game. Travel Bug slot game is a 10-coin, 5-reel, 20-payline online game that you don’t have to store in your hard disk to enjoy. Just sit back, click Spin and watch your winnings multiply.

To play the game, you simply click on the Spin button when the interface is fully loaded. Several tries are needed before the big hits are made, including the Can’t Lose feature and the Bonus Round. It’s advisable for first time players to consult Help to learn more about the Payout Schedule and how winning combinations on the slot game are equated. Players also have the Option to adjust settings on the slot game.

Players are asked whether they intend to pay for cash or just for fun before the game starts. If you’ve spent enough time mastering the slots for free, chances are you’ll fare better during live online casino games.

Here are the three most important Travel Bug slot game icons:

To activate the slot game bonus round, you need three Passport Bonus icons to hit any of the reels on the slot game. Wins during the round are added with your payout, multiplied with the wager you made.

The bonus round is really a showcase for the quality of sound and animation this free online slot game has. The Ladybug needs to travel as many places in the world and you need to help him out in choosing the most affordable tickets. This whole mini game is done with detailed Flash animation and layered music track. The longer you can keep the Ladybug hopping from one airport to the next, the higher your wins on the slot game bonus round.

Look out for the slot game Wild Icon, the Bug Wild: this can help hit winning combinations by substituting for a missing icon in the sequence. When you enable all 20 paylines (click Select Lines) you have a greater chance at winning more. Only hits with Bug Wild Icons on enabled paylines on the slot game are valid winning combinations.

A special draw in Travel Bug slot game is its Can’t Lose mode, which players can trigger when they hit the slot game scatter icon called Scatter Freespins Bug. 3 or more of these are what it takes to trigger this win-win satiation. You get multiple free spins, plus a guaranteed payout for every spin on the slot game. How is this possible? In this mode, the first reel on the slot game only has Wild Icons.

Of course, there are other slot game icons to take notice of during spins. True to its theme, Travel Bug slot game features a troupe of insects travelling the world: Catterpillar, Beetle, Fly, Insect on Train, Spider, Ladybug, Wasp, and a Slug. But more importantly, the icons that would win you big and trigger a slot game bonus round.