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Spectacular free slot machine game

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The Free, Online Spectacular Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Game

The free, online Spectacular slot machine game has 3 reels and a single payline. This 2 coin size, online slot machine game comes with incredible graphics. The symbols in this slot machine game consist of ‘Spectacular, ‘lucky seven’, ‘spin’, ‘1-bar’, ‘2-bar’ and ‘3-bar’ symbols. The highest payout (jackpot) in this free slot machine game is 5000 coins and the next biggest payout is 2000 coins. This game can be played free online, and require no registration or download. This game is among the best option for novices, who are new to online slot machine games to get enough practice. This free game also will help them win big and enter into major league.

How to Play the Free, Online Spectacular Slot Machine Game

There is a fixed coin size of $1 bet on this slot machine game and the maximum bet is $2.The wild symbol in this game is the ‘spectacular’. Wild symbols can be substituted for any other symbol to produce a winning combination on an enabled payline and can also multiply the payouts. The online game Spectacular has a bonus game, ‘the wheel of wealth’. 3 ‘spectacular’ symbols on the third wheel, when a 2-coin bet is placed, activate the ‘wheel of wealth’ bonus feature of the game. The ‘spectacular’ symbol cannot substitute the ‘spin’ symbol to activate the ‘wheel of wealth’ bonus feature of the game. There are many other combinations: a single ‘spectacular’ symbol doubles the payout and two such symbols make your winnings fourfold. Further the ‘lucky sevens’ and the bar symbols can increase the payouts.