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Scary Rich 2

Scary Rich 2 free slot game

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How to Play and Win in the More Exciting Scary Rich 2 Slot Game

No more funny-looking monsters for you in the Scary Rich 2 free slot game. Compared to its earlier version, all the images in this new slot game are more gory and haunting. For instance, in the original Scary Rich slot game, there is a smiling zombie and a happy-looking witch. But in the new version of this popular horror-themed slot game, the rat, the werewolf, the black cat, the coffin, the walking dead, the female vampire, the zombie, Egor, the witch, the mad doll and the mad clown are all looking vengeful. So prepare your hearts for the good scare offered in this 5-reel and 20-payline online slot game.

How do the Scary Rich 2 free slot game buttons work?

To play the Scary Rich 2 slot game, you first have to choose among the three available coin sizes: $0.01, $0.05 and $0.1. Yes, the bets are not grand but if you hit the right combinations, you will enjoy a slot game win over 300 times more than what you spent. You can change the size of your bet by pressing the buttons bearing the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the screen of this free slot game.

Like in the other slot games, you will need to select the paylines that you want to bet on. The “Bet Max” works as the button says – you will be placing maximum slot game bets prior to allowing the reels to spin automatically. However, only use this feature if you are willing to take the risk. And lastly, by pressing the “Auto” button, you are letting the computer play the slot game for you while you take all the winnings for yourself.

Prizes that Await You at the End of the Scary Rich 2 Free Slot Game

Regardless of whether you will play via the Auto mode or you will play the Scary Rich 2 online slot game manually, you need to be playing with the maximum bet if you intend to win big in a single spin. The top prize that awaits you during the regular round of this slot game is $10,000 for 5 Coffin symbols. Meanwhile, $2,000 will be yours if you hit 5 Witch symbols and $1,500 for 5 Mad Doll symbols.

Scary Rich 2 Slot Game and Its Wild and Scatter Symbols

With the help of the bonus features offered in the Scary Rich 2 slot game, winning comes easier. First, the wild symbol, which is the Coffin symbol, serves two purposes. Aside from being used as a symbol that can replace any other symbols on the reels just to form more winning combinations, you can also use it as a prize multiplier. This means that if you can hit 2, 3 or 4 Coffin symbols in a single spin of this slot game, then your prize will be multiplied by 3, 6 or 13 times accordingly.

On the other hand, the scatter symbol of the Scary Rich 2 slot game is the Werewolf. Although it does not hold much power in itself, three or more of these symbols in a single spin in this slot game unlocks the free spins round. You will be given 13 free spins to try to win as many prizes as you can. Also, if you see the wild symbol on your reels, it will automatically expand and thereby, create more winnings. However, the wild symbol’s prize multiplier will only be limited to 3.

Other than the huge prizes, another reason for wanting the Scary Rich 2 online slot game is its unique and explosive background sound, which is a mixture of thunder and other effects that are typical with horror films.