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Ronin slot game

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The Ronins were a group of Samurai warriors who unlike other warriors chose not to commit suicide when their masters die. Instead, they roamed the countryside of Japan six centuries ago and worked as mercenaries and bodyguards for rich families. However, this group of people suddenly disappeared. There were many myths and legends circulating their sudden disappearance, and many people have been interested in this mystery that even led online casinos to create a slots game inspired by their story. And with the Ronin slots game, the Ronins are back! And this time, they’re giving away their treasures to those who dare to play with high stakes in this online slots game.

There are several symbols used in the Ronin online slots game to fulfill its Japanese warrior theme. There’s the Japanese House, the Samurai Warrior Hat, the Temple, the Horse, the Samurai Flag, the Koku, and the Ronin as well as the classic card symbols of an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a Nine and a Ten. Of all these slots game symbols, the Koku and the Ronin are the most important in this online slots game.

Both the Koku and the Ronin symbols are the wild symbols in this slots game. They can be used to replace any other symbols, except each other, to create winning combination. Prizes of combinations created with the help of these wild symbols are doubled. However, the Ronin symbol is also a scatter symbol. As a scatter symbol, the Ronin allows you to multiply your slots game bet by 1, 20, 30 or 500 times. With increased slots game bets, you also get a better opportunity to win higher prizes in the regular rounds.

With or without the help of the Ronin symbol, there are three top jackpots that you can win in this online slots game. You can win the first jackpot that is worth 10,000 coins if you get four Ronin symbols with one Koku symbol. The second top jackpot is for 5,000 coins and is for five Ronin symbols in a single slots game spin. And the last top jackpot you can win in this online slots game is worth 2,500 coins and that is all yours if you get four Temple symbols with one Koku symbol. Note that the value of the jackpot depends on the coin denomination you chose as your bet so if you want this slots game to be a one-time hit, you need to play at the maximum bet of $50.

Speaking of bets, this online slots game has a higher range of coin sizes compared to the other online slots game that you may have encountered. But the many opportunities to walk away with huge prizes make players want to play this slots game over and over again.

As for the winning opportunities in this online slots game, there are four. The first three are composed of varying numbers of free spins and re-spin features. These slots game bonus features are unlocked if you can hit a Koku on the third reel with two or more similar symbols showing up on any other reels. At first, you will be awarded with an immovable Koku on reel 3 while the other reels spin 3-10 times for winning combinations. In the second slots game bonus round, you will get five free spins and in the third bonus round, you’ll get 25 free spins. In all three rounds, it is possible to re-spin and have more chances to get more free spins.

The other winning opportunity in this online slots game is the random progressive jackpot. Since it’s random, you don’t do anything to unlock it and there are no specific combinations required to win it. If you’re lucky, you get it. It’s that easy!

This online slots game is one of the riskiest online casinos in terms of betting. But this slots game is also the most rewarding because of its promise of high returns, coupled with the many help it provides. So forget about the definition of Koku, choose your bet, spin the reels and wish for luck.