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Rain Dance

Rain Dance slot game

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Let the Prizes Rain on You as You Play Rain Dance Slots

The ritual of Rain Dance originated from the American West. This traditional dance was performed by the Native Americans to call out the spirits from nature to send them favors. These favors can range from good weather, abundant crops, and other forms of good luck. This has become embedded as a huge part of American history and is a widely known aspect of American culture and history until today. Hence, the concept of Rain Dance Slots has garnered a lot of attention despite the sheer amount of slots game available in the casinos.

Just like most other popular slots game, this particular game is also powered by Real-Time Gaming software. This slots game feature a Red Indian theme that truly makes gamers feel immersed into the American West culture. This 5-reel, 20-payline slots game includes some of the most memorable symbols associated with the Rain Dance, such as an Eagle, Dream Catcher, Tepee, Nine, Ten, Tomahawk, King, Queen, Ace, and Jack.

The Rain Dance slots game tries to stay faithful in reliving this tradition through the game with its use of symbols. In fact, this slots game comes with a wild symbol, the Chief, which also serves as a multiplier. Thus, you need to land the Chief symbol, which will only appear on reel number 1 or 5 on this particular slots game. Meanwhile, the Rain Dance slots game also features its own scatter symbol, which is the Coyote. Your goal is to have this particular symbol appear on at least a couple reels on the slots game in order to get the winning combination.

A Re-Spin feature is included in the Rain Dance slots game so that players can have more chances to win! This is made possible when you have two or more of the scatter symbol appearing on the reels at any given time for this slots game. Another excellent reward available for players in this slots game is a maximum of 100 free spins. Again, you need to have the scatter symbol at least twice on the reel when you play this slots game.

Rain Dance slots game features a random progressive jackpot. Hence, there is no given winning combination in this slots game that would merit a jackpot prize. The jackpot prize will only be awarded to players that use real money for betting in a Rain Dance slots game. Hence, the larger the amount of money you bet with every spin, the more you are likely to win the jackpot prize.

Rain Dance slots game allows bets that range from $0.01 to as high as $5. However, you are only allowed to bet a single coin for each payline at any given spin in this slots game. This is therefore a great way to play if you want to have fun and increase your chances to win!

If you are playing to earn huge wins, Rain Dance slots game is truly a great option. With its interactive gaming features, bonuses, rewards, and a huge progressive jackpot, this slots game is definitely a great option for casino lovers.