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Are you winning money at online poker? This is probably the main issue for all poker players. If you read this article, it is highly possible that you have already asked this question, and even more likely that you just lost large sums of money at online poker.

However, losing at online poker does not only put emphasis on the loss of money. When you lose at online poker your pride takes its toll for a long time! And this is especially applicable to players who play regularly at specific online poker rooms so that the whole online poker community can recognize them. This is also especially true if they are used to be winning online poker players. They will probably feel that their reputation has been ruined. So how to deal with this feeling?

The psychological preparation to manage losses at online poker begins well before the poker session and goes until you start the online poker game. All this time you should go on telling yourself that poker is a skill game but also a game of luck and that losing is a part of the game. After all, even when you are winning the outcome is partly decided by chance …

Some people do consider online poker the same as sports betting. In sports betting, before the game starts, we must be prepared to see not only good players and good games but also good losers. Keep it that way at online poker, too. Let the defeat be less painful. Do not play above your means and destroy your bankroll.

Contrary to common practice alcohol and poker do not go hand in hand. One big advantage of online poker is that you are not tempted sipping any alcoholic drink as you play right in front of your personal computer. You should also know that when you have won enough, you should avoid the rush. Quitting at this stage might be a good idea. And here is yet another advantage of online poker. You can switch off your computer at any time whereas we all know how difficult it is to leave a live poker table or a casino when you are playing with so called friends.

Quitting at the right time will also prevent you making fun of yourself at the online poker room because your pride is not hurt. Moreover, if you do not have a preference for any particular online poker community where regular players might recognize you (or at least your online poker player avatar), you can always be opting for different online poker rooms and play anonymously within the intimacy of your home.

Be reasonable and rational. Do not the fever of the game lead you. Never go on tilt. Remember that small ball poker is a very effective strategy to make the pleasure last.