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Metal Detector

Metal Detector free slot game

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It’s Raining Prizes with the Metal Detector Slots Game

You don’t have to walk the beach holding a metal detector to unearth buried treasures because with the Metal Detector slots game, you can do that without leaving your home. This free slots game is inspired by the idea of treasure hunting. Thus when playing this game, expect to see symbols like a treasure map, a detector dude, a treasure chest, a gold coin, a gold cup, jewelry, a colt revolver, a diamond ring and a cup. But to add some elements of a free slots game, you will also encounter the symbols of Nine, Ten, King, Queen and Ace throughout the slots game.

To begin playing, you must first choose your bet. In this slots game, coin sizes range from $0.01 to $1.0. The minimum bet that you can put down for all 15 lines will be $0.15 while the maximum bet that you can choose is $75. Bear in mind though that the value of your winnings will be determined by the amount of bets you placed.

So granted that you are playing this free slots game at maximum, here are your prizes for their respective winning combinations:

• For 5 Treasure Chest symbols, you can win as much as 2,000 coins or $10,000

• For 5 Diamond Ring symbols or 5 Gold Coin symbols, you’ll get 1,000 coins or $5,000

• And for 5 Colt Revolver symbols and 5 Jewelry symbols, you’ll cashout 800 coins or $4,000

This slots game also offers more winning combinations than any other free slots game you see online. But aside from these possible winnings during the regular slots game rounds, you will be thrilled to know that there are two scatter symbols that can unlock two slots game bonus rounds too.

The two scatter symbols are the Treasure Map and the Detector Dude symbols. If you hit three or more Treasure Map symbols in one slots game spin, then you will enter the free spins bonus round. During this free slots game bonus round you will be given a treasure map with numerous X’s. All you have to do is to choose an X on the map to unveil the number of free spins that you will get. Afterwards, you will have to choose a dig area and start digging to know the multiplier value of all the prizes in this slots game bonus round.

The second bonus round of this free slots game is unlocked by the appearance of three or more Detector Dude symbols in a single spin. In this slots game bonus round, you will need to dig out your own treasure with the help of a metal detector; hence you become the detector dude in this slots game. So to end up with huge winnings, select the area to start digging.

The Metal Detector slots game is a one-of-a-kind free online game that features interactive bonus rounds other than the plain click and spin games. While the music may sound like this is another classic three-reel slots game because of its simplicity, it is actually more than that. So don’t let the jingling money sound and whirring sound fool you. There are tremendous prizes waiting for you in this slots game so start spinning.