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Lucky Eight Love

Lucky Eight Love / Magic Love Free Online Slot Machine Game

Lucky Eight Love online free slot machine game has been developed by Net Entertainment, a market leader in slot machine gaming. The Lucky Eight Love is a nine reel and a eight pay line mutli-coin slot machine game.

Lucky Eight Love has two jackpots, the highest pay out being 2000 times the winning bet line and the second highest being 800 times the winning bet line. Symbols that are used in this slot machine game are palm tree, heart, and bars.

Where to Play Lucky Eight Love

The Eight Love game can be played online for free on many sites with no download required. You can now save time as games will load instantly and you don’t need any special software to download in order to enjoy your favorite game. You can now access all virtual slot machine games within the comfort of your own home without spending any money.

Beginners can now become pros in playing Lucky Eight Love by practicing online and understanding the rules and the paytables of the slot machine game. You can also use various sites to evaluate games for free and play them only if you like them.

Why waste money traveling to a casino just to wait in line to play your favorite slot game, instead access hundreds of online slot machine games in an instant at home or any other place at your own timing and schedule. Most people love gambling but hate nosey crowds and other distraction in casinos, online free slot machine gaming is the best solution to solve all these problems.

How to Play Lucky Eight Love Online Free Slot Machine Game

The minimum you can bet on any pay line is 10 cents and the maximum is 20 cents in Lucky Eight Love. You can bet 8 coins per pay line; the total bet cannot exceed 64 coins. In order to start playing you must first choose the bet lines button to pick what lines you want to place your bet on. These lines are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The max bet option is the highest possible bet placed and takes 8 coins of whatever coin size you have chosen. Lucky Eight Love slot machine game also features skill stop option. This is where you can stop the spinning by simply clicking on the spin button and the autoplay option where the slot machine can be set to play automatically for a number of spins. Such options can also be set to stop at a loss limit or a profit limit and when a jackpot is won.

The scatter symbol is the car symbol in Lucky Eight Love. This does not have to appear on any enabled pay line to win, two or more car scatter symbols appear anywhere to make a winning combination. There are several combinations that can multiply your payout money like when the car scatter symbol appears 9 times this will win the player coins worth 2000 times the bet line and three car scatter symbols will win coins worth 300 times the bet line.