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Lucky Eight Line

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Lucky Eight Line Online Slot Machine Game – Come Try Your Luck

Lucky Eight Line online free slot machine game is a nine reel, eight line multi-coin game. This slot machine game has two Jackpots, the highest payout being 1000 times the line bet and the second highest payout being 500 times the line bet.

Lucky Eight slot machine game is designed by Net Entertainment and incorporates some amusing graphics and sound that can keep you interested for hours. The slot machine game is themed after fruits.
Lucky Eight Line online free slot machine game also uses colorful symbols like grape, melon, cherries, orange etc.

Best Place to Play Lucky Eight Line Slot Machine Game

A game of Lucky Eight Line can be enjoyed online for free. There are no downloads required and no log in. You can be completely anonymous and enjoy the slot machine game risk free. Why practice gambling with real money when the losses can be huge? Just log into free online slot machine game sites and learn the game.

You can also use these slot machine games to evaluate any new game and learn its paytable before you try it with real money. This is the safest and the easiest option as there are no downloads required. Downloading special software for games can be tiring. Why waste time when there is a better and an efficient option available.

How to Play Lucky Eight Line Online Free Slot Machine Game

The minimum that you can bet on any pay line is 10 cents and the maximum is 20 cents in Lucky Eight Line. To place your bet you should start by clicking on bet lines button. This allows you to choose what lines you want to bet on. The specific bet lines you are betting on is shown below the slot game buttons.

The Max bet option in Lucky Eight Line online free slot machine game stakes the highest possible bet. This slot machine game also comes with skill stop feature, where the player can control the spinning by simply clicking on the spin button and autoplay option. On the other hand, the slot machine can be set to play automatically for a number of spins. This can also be set to stop at a loss limit or a profit limit and when a jackpot is won.

The Lucky Seven symbol is the scatter symbol and does not have to appear on any enabled line to win. Two or more Lucky Seven scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the nine reels. The game of Lucky Eight Line also has lots of other winning combination like 3 orange symbols will win coins worth 10 times the bet line, one cherry symbol will win coins worth one time the bet line and three bar symbols will win coins worth ten times the bet line. There are many more combinations like 9 Lucky Seven scatter symbol will win coins worth 1000 times the bet line. Overall, Lucky Eight Line is a simple game and is enjoyed by both first timers and professionals.