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Love and Money

Love and Money free slot game

Click the image and play free Love and Money slot machine game
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Review: For Love and Money Slots

I’ve finally found a truly amusing and eye-popping slots game in the world free no download casino Flash games.

For Love and Money slots game really won me over just by its graphic and art design alone. The colors are vibrant and cool, as though coming from a Disney feature palette. The symbols are drawn with meticulous care and attention to detail. The sound design captures that idyllic world of the fairy tales.

Quite simply, the most eye-catching of all Flash slots games in the market. For Love and Money slots game even has its own story intro that set up the mood.

Click on the Pay Table button to find out how much a string of symbols is worth.

I started off with a free game credit of 3,000 to play the slots game, but I also had the option to play with real cash if I was feeling really lucky. But there was no pressure to do it since I didn’t have to pay anything to upload the slots game. It’s free and I didn’t even have to download it.

To begin playing the slots game, I just clicked on the screen, waited for a few seconds for the slots game to upload. And then I was ready to click the big shiny red “Spin” button. I can adjust my bets on the slots game and Paylines by click on the “Select Coins” and “Select Line” buttons.

What I also like about this slots game is that it features an “Option” mode where I was able to adjust the speed of the game from slow to medium. I also have the option to expand the screen, operate the Background Sound Volume, or turn off the audio completely. Other slots games I’ve encountered on the web don’t even have half of the features on For Love and Money Slots.

There’s also the “Help” mode that lets you in on the finer details of the slots game. You learn about what a Scatter Icon is—in this case, the Cupid symbol. For the uninitiated, 3 or more Cupids on the Reels entitle you to ten free spins. For every win on this game mode, whatever’s on the paytable is multiplied by 3.

The Wild symbol substitutes for any symbols to complete a winning combo in the slots game. The bespectacled Writer is the symbol to watch out for here.

Other symbols in the slots game are twin parrots, a red rose, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a candle, a writing plume and ink, and the game characters.

You’ll also learn more about the slots game payout schedule, how winning combinations are made, how much credits are won, and which slot reel should a symbol line up to for a winning combination on the slots game.
Every credit won on For Love and Money slots game will depend on the how much you bet and the size of the coin you choose. All in all, there are 15 viable Paylines on this wonderfully designed slots game.

After I’ve practiced on For Love and Money slots game, I dared and click on the “Play for Real” option, where I got to bet real cash. To my luck—and thanks to all that practice time I spent with the slots game—I got more than what I’d expected.