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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon free slot machine game

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Golden Dragon Slot Machine Game- Steal the Dragon’s Hoard If You Dare

If you love dragons and other mythical creatures, this fun and easy to learn free online slot machine game that does not require any downloads may be the game for you. Golden Dragon is a three reel slot machine game. It has five paylines and you can bet up to five coins per line. This means that your maximum bet will be 25 coins. You can choose whether you want each coin to be worth 25 or 50 cents and the amount of your winnings in Golden Dragon will depend on how much each coin is worth.

How to Play Golden Dragon

If you want to try Golden Dragon free, online slot machine game, then there are a few things that you need to know. There are no bonus features and the game does not have a Scatter symbol. The Golden Dragon is the Wild Symbol. You are able to win with a combination of regular symbols as well as a mixture of regular and wild symbols. If you turn up three wild symbols on one line your winnings will be higher than with regular symbols.

Turning up three wild symbols on one payline can win you up to 5,000 credits but it depends on which payline they are on. Winnings range from 1,000 credits on payline 1 to 5,000 credits on payline 5. Winnings with regular symbols or a mix of regular and wild symbols can range from 4 to 80 coins. The actual amount of your winnings in Golden Dragon slot machine game will depend on the value of the coins you are playing with.

If you love online slot machine games that are easy to learn you may want to try and challenge the Golden Dragon and win some of its riches.