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Food Fight

Food Fight slot game

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Win as Much as $31,250 in the Cleanest Food Fight Ever with Food Fight Slots!

Everybody loves a good food fight but nobody loves the cleaning-after part. So here’s a free online slots game that is especially dedicated to food lovers out there. The theme of the Food Fight slots game is, obviously, FOOD! There are symbols of a tomato, a cone, a topping, a cherry, a pie, a pie plate, cream, an ice cream, a bowl of chocolate sauce, a hamburger and a plate of spaghetti and so on. But unlike other online slots games, this slots game only has 5 reels and 9 payline so the chances of winning are lesser than others. However, the presences of two easy slots game bonus rounds make up for the short payline.

If you can create winning combination during regular slots game spins then you get to win the following:

• The highest jackpot prize is reserved for 5 Chocolate Sauces symbols and it’s for 6,250 coins or $31,250

• The second highest prize is awarded if you can form 5 Spaghetti symbols and it’s for 3,500 coins or $17,500

• And the third highest prize is given if you hit 4 Chocolate Sauces in one spin and that’s going to be for 2,500 coins or $12,500

But aside from the above-mentioned prizes, there are two other jackpot prizes that can be yours if you play at maximum bets in the bonus rounds of this online slots game. The Food Fight free online slots game has bonus rounds that can be activated by the appearance of the three scatter symbols, namely the Cone, Ice Cream and Topping, all in one spin.

The first slots game bonus round is called the Ice Cream Scatter Bonus. In this slots game, you will need the ingredients to create an ice cream – Cone, Ice Cream and Topping. So once you collect all three, they will move together to form a sweet and tasty treat. The reward waiting for you at the end of this slots game bonus round can go as high as 405 coins or $2,025, granted that you are playing this slots game round with maximum bets. Otherwise, your prize won’t be as high as the prize and will depend on the value of your bet.

The second slots game bonus round offers the most jackpot and also, the best entertainment in the entire free online slots game. This bonus round is called the Food Fight Bonus Game. This can be activated if you hit the Cherry, Pie Plate and Cream symbols in one spin. During this slots game round, there will be several victims shown in front of you; all you need to do is use the pie to hit them. This slots game bonus round has no time limit so you can continue throwing pies until you reach the maximum jackpot allowed which is 3,960 coins or $19,800 if you are playing on maximum slots game bets. However, you have to use your freedom carefully because if you miss just one shot, the slots game Food Fight Bonus Game will automatically close.

Coin sizes used in this free online slots game range from $0.01 to $5. The choice of bet is up to you but bear in mind that if you want to win big, you have to keep playing with the maximum bet. But if you are just playing to hear the solid splat sound of your favorite food, and to get an awesome relief from the stress of life, then the Food Fight slots game is definitely for you.