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Flea Market

Flea Market free slot game

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Bet and Win the Jackpot with Flea Market Slot Game

Remember how groovy fleas were in the 60’s? The Flea Market slot game will take you back to those groovy times. All that a player needs to do in this slot game is to help the customers in the flea market make great matches. If the player does a great job, then he or she will get great rewards.

The setting of this slot game is quite unusual. There are fleas standing in every corner and different things are sold. The slot game machine is found in the middle of the market. This type of setting is designed to entice players to play the slot game and Offer them more fun and entertainment.

Like in most classic slot game machines, the players are challenged to match one line and three reels. What is unique about this slot game, however, is that a player gets a bunch of great matches using the Ring symbol. One or two rings that make a match multiply the player’s winning by two or four. Just when you think this slot game is too familiar, you see new symbols on the screen.

Another great thing about this slot game is that players can choose to use the downloadable or non-downloadable versions. Flea Market slot game is also available online for free. The game is indeed perfect for people who just need to unwind and enjoy a game.

The game simulates transactions in a flea market. Players are encouraged to join the market where they can choose and sell from different bet options. As always, the size of the bet depends on the number of coins and the value of the coins that a player risks for each line. The bets for this slot game ranges from as little as $0.10 to as much as $50.

Betting with only two coins per spin is acceptable in this slot game. However, the total winning depends on how much was placed for betting. In most cases, two coins is equivalent to a double win. The top hop combination of three rings with two coins in this slot game gives about 2.5 more winning than with just a single coin.

One of the best things about this Flea Market slot game is that the maximum prize is high. The value awards range from 10,000 coins to as much as $250.00. This is definitely not bad for a slot game. Aside from this, the graphics and animation are stunning. It reminds players of the Vegas slot machines and the good times back in the 70’s.

A flea market is never complete without the hot offers. You will be surprised with the offers you will get in this slot game. These insects are crazy about rings, lollipops, and bureaus. The combination of these icons makes the Flea Market slot game all the more amazing. To add to the classic atmosphere, this slot game still allows players to strike combinations between the Single, Double, and Triple Bar icons.

Players will surely enjoy the Flea Market slot game. It does not take much to start playing. This slot game also offers a great chance of winning a huge amount of cash.