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Fantastic Fruit

Fantastic Fruit free slot game

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Play Fantastic Fruit Slots and Add More Fun to Your Slot Gaming Experience

The Classic Fantastic Fruit Slot game is back!

Most youngsters today prefer the new fangled version of the video slot game. For the old timers, however, the fantastic fruit slot game is still highly preferable. The classic look brings back memories of childhood and fun. Indeed, this is what this slot game brings to each player.

The Fantastic Fruit Slot game has three regular slots and one pay line. Players can wager from one to three coins for each spin. However, for a player to be eligible in winning four hundred coins, he or she must bet three coins for every spin.

This slot game is colorful that even if it is a classic game, the graphics and animation are still amazing. The fruits in the slot game include lemons, cherries, apples, and grapes. At the same time, there are single bar symbols that players should look out for.

When it comes to the chances of winning, the overall expected return in this game slot is lower compared to other slot machines. However, there are higher chances of winning small amounts in the Fantastic Fruit Slots than any other games. The reason for this is that in most cases, the top payout can be quite low. While this drives some players away from this game, some are still rooting for this game slot because it is so much fun.

This game slot is available online for free. Some players would look at the odds of winning and study the payout percentage to get the highest possible credits. The Fantastic Fruit Slot game pay table shows that the symbol with the highest possible credits is three cherries. This is followed by the lemons, apples, grapes, bars, two cherries, and one cherry.

As mentioned earlier, this game slot offers lesser return percentage compared to other slot machine games. However, players who simply enjoy Fantastic Fruit game slot will have a blast. This classic game slot has been around for decades and it definitely is not going anywhere.

The nice thing about this new online version of an old fashioned game is that aside from it is mostly for free, the graphics are very nice as well. The game slot machine does not have wild symbols. It is a very simple game that people of all ages can enjoy.

While players cannot expect high jackpot amount, this game slot has 96% payout. This means players can enjoy the game longer. Unlike other slot games, Fantastic Fruit Slots do not have bonus rounds. However, players who wish to get the highest payout should bet with the maximum number of coins.

Aside from the graphics, this game slot has nice sounds as well. Anyone who has played on casino machines will be reminded of the sound used in this game slot. The rules are very simple to learn that seasoned players may find the game slot a bit boring. However, Fantastic Fruit game slot is great entertainment for all.

All in all, the Fantastic Fruit game slot does not demand too much from the players. It is perfect for relaxation and is powered by great software.