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Fantastic 7s

Fantastic 7s free slot machine game

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Fantastic 7s Virtual Free Slot Machine Game

Fantastic 7s online free slot machine game is a basic game with no bonus features or wild symbols. All winnings in Fantastic 7s slot machine game are depended on the number of symbols that you get. This is a simple 3 coin slot game with traditional symbols like lucky sevens, three bars, two bars and cherry symbols.

The highest payout in Fantastic 7s slot machine game is 2500 coins and the second highest is 1000 coins. The simplicity of the free slot machine game makes it extremely suitable for players who are just starting to gamble online. This exciting one of a kind slot machine game can be played for free online without even downloading any special software. This makes it easy to understand the game without the risk of losing money. Free online slot machine games are also very useful for practicing games before playing in tournaments.

How to Play Fantastic 7s Virtual Free Slot Machine Game

Fantastic 7s virtual free slot machine game has 3 reels and a single payline. The minimum that a player can bet while playing the free online slot machine game is 75 cents and the maximum is 3 dollars. Fantastic 7s also offers lots of exciting winning combinations like getting 3 Fantastic Seven symbols wins the player the Jackpot of 2500 coins or 1000 / 500 coins depending upon the coin size. The next best combination in Fantastic 7s Virtual Free Slot Machine Game is 3 Red Seven symbols which wins the player anywhere from the range of 240 to 80 coins depending on the coin size.