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Double Magic

Double Magic free slot machine game

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Double Magic Online Free Slot Machine Game

Double Magic online free slot machine game is a simple game from Microgaming. This online slot machine game comes with 3 reels and a single payline. It is two coin slot game and is liked by professional and first timers alike. The slot machine game has a highest payout of 1600 coins and a second highest payout of 800 coins. It is an exciting slot game and also offers lots of other opportunities to win like the Wild multiplier symbol which can either double or quadruple the payout of any winning combination.

The Double Magic game is available online to be played for free. The slot machine game is also well suited for beginners who are just starting online gambling as it does not offer multiple paylines or elaborate story lines that can confuse amateurs. The best part about it is that, Double Magic and many more games can be enjoyed online, with no download. Now you can enjoy all your favorite games in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

How to Play Double Magic Online Free Slot Machine Game

The minimum amount that can be bet is 25 cents and the maximum is 5 dollars in Double Magic. The Blue Star is the wild multiplier in this slot machine game. The wild multiplier symbol cannot only substitute for any other symbol in Double Magic to make a winning combination, but it also multiplies the combination it completes. A single Blue Star wild multiplier symbol increases the payout by 2 times and if you are lucky enough to get 2 Blue Star wild multiplier symbols, then your payout is quadrupled in Double Magic.