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Couch Potato

Couch Potato free slot machine game

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Couch Potato Online Free Slot Machine Game

Couch Potato online free slot machine game is a 3 reel and a single pay line game with 3 coin slots from Microgaming. It incorporates good graphics and funky upbeat background music that make it all the more interesting. The game of Couch Potato is packed with loads of opportunities to win with a Mega Jackpot where the highest payout is 15000 coins and the second highest payout being an impressive 5000 coins. Couch Potato slot machine game also has a wild multiplier symbol that can multiply your winnings by 25 times!

Where to Play the Couch Potato Slot Machine Game

This fun game can be played effortlessly at home online for free. To add to this, these slot machine games are available to play instantly without the need to download any special software to play them. Downloading games can be hassle and time consuming, not to mention the risk that you take as virus and other rouge software can creep into your system and damage it. You can now access all your favorite slot machine games without even leaving the comfort of your home online.

You can play them at your convenience with the simple click of the mouse. Why waste money traveling to a casino, booking rooms etc when all the excitement is now available at your finger tips. Online free slot machine games are also a great option to evaluate and understand the game before betting real money on it. This is a boon for beginners as they can practice playing the game and understand the payout structure without losing money.

How to Play Couch Potato Online Free Slot Machine Game

The minimum that a player can bet on per pay line is 25 cents and the maximum is 5 dollars in a game of Couch Potato. Bet Max option can be used to bet on all lines at the specified coin size. This slot machine game also has autoplay feature which can be used to play the game automatically. Autoplay can be set to play for a number of spins and to set limits and make the game of Couch Potato stop playing when a particular limit of profit or loss is reached.

The wild symbol in this online slot machine game is the Couch Potato symbol which also acts as a multiplier which can multiply your winnings. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol to make a winning combination. A single Couch Potato wild symbol multiplies the earnings by 5 times on any combination it completes but if you get two Couch Potato wild symbols this multiplies the earnings by 25 times on any combination they complete. If you are lucky enough to get 3 Couch Potato wild symbols, then you win the jackpot which has a highest payout of 15000 coins.

Besides making big money with the wild multiplier symbol in Couch Potato, there are several other winning combinations like getting 3 Red Seven Symbols wins the player 180 to 60 coins depending on the coin size and getting 3 Blue Seven Symbols wins the player 150 to 50 coins depending on the coin size.