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Cosmic Cat

Cosmic Cat free slot machine game

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Cosmic Cat Online Slot Machine Game- Your Winnings Can Be Out Of This World

If you love cute animation and a free online slot machine game that is fast and easy to play, try Cosmic Cat. It is a two coin, three reel slot machine game which allows you to play on one payline. It is easy to learn, requires no download and offers payouts of up to 1,000 credits. There are no Scatter symbols and no extra features like there are with other free online slot games. Cosmic Cat is fast and straightforward, something that many slots players will appreciate.

How to Play Cosmic Cat Free Online Slot Machine Game

If you want to play Cosmic Cat, the rules are extremely easy to learn. You simply need to choose how many tokens you want to play with each spin. Each token is worth 50¢ and your maximum bet is $1.00 for every spin. This makes Cosmic Cat slot machine game easy for people who do not want to worry about choosing from many different coin values. Cosmic Cat has no Scatter Symbol. The Wild Symbol is the Cosmic Cat.

There are only five symbols including Cosmic Cat. Cosmic Cat will substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination. Three wild symbols will give you the maximum payout of 1,000 credits when you are wagering two credits on each spin.

The payouts in Cosmic Cat slot machine game may not be as large as other slot machine games but the rules are easy to learn and it is fun to play. If you wish to get started quickly without worrying about learning a large number of rules, you may want to try playing Cosmic Cat today.