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Cool Buck

Cool Buck free slot machine game

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Cool Buck Slot Machine Game- Earn Cool Cash with a Fun and Fast Slots Game

If you want to try a slot machine game that is fun and easy to learn, try Cool Buck. It is a three reel slot game with five paylines and the chance to win some great payouts. The slot game, unlike some other three reel slot machine games, does have a wild symbol but it does not have a bonus round or scatter symbols.

What You Need To Know To Play Cool Buck Online Slots

The game of Cool Buck has a maximum payout of 6,000 credits. You are able to choose the value of your tokens as well as the number of paylines that you will play in each spin. By enabling more paylines in Cool Buck slot machine game, you are increasing your chances of winning but you are also increasing the cost of each round of betting. Credits can be worth either 25 or 50 cents, making a maximum bet of $2.50 with each spin if all 5 paylines are being played.

Winnings will only be calculated on a payline that you have enabled in Cool Buck. There are three Bar symbols, one Cherry symbol and a Wild symbol which is the dollar sign. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol when determining whether you have won.

If you get three Wild symbols on an enabled payline, you will win a number of credits depending on which payline it is. Winnings can range from 1,000 credits on payline 1 to 6,000 credits on payline 5. Payouts using regular symbols range from 1 credit to 300 credits. Your actual winnings in Cool Buck slot machine game will depend on the value of the credits that you are playing.

Cool Buck is a simple slot machine game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is worth a try if you like traditional online slot games without a lot of extra features or bonus games especially if you want to try games where there are no downloads required.