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Chiefs Magic

Chiefs Magic free slot machine game

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Chiefs Magic Online Free Slot Machine Game

Chiefs Magic online free slot machine game is a 3 reel and a single pay line Vegas style game from Microgaming. The online slot game offers a Jackpot with the highest payout of 600 coins and a second Jackpot with a payout of 300 coins. Chiefs Magic slot machine game has three coin slots and does not feature any wild symbols.

Chiefs Magic is a very simple easy to understand slot machine game and is liked by professionals and beginners to the world of gambling because of its simplicity. The symbols used in the no download slot game are the Chief symbol, the Chief’s Magic logo, and the traditional 1, 2 and 3 bar symbols.

Where to Play Chiefs Magic Online Free Slot Machine Game

Chiefs Magic game can be enjoyed for free online without even downloading any kind of special software for gaming. Free online slot machine games are very safe and fast to use. Now you can access hundreds of your favorite games without even leaving the comfort of your house.

Gambling in a casino can be expensive and not to mention the cost of travel, booking rooms etc. why waste money when there are so many games available online. If you are the kind of person who enjoys gambling but does not like loud noises or constant distractions then free online slot machine games are the best option for you.

Why wonder if your favorite game machine will be available if you took a break and came back, when online slot machine games can be paused and played from exactly where you left it. Free online slot machine games can be used effectively by beginners to practice games before they can play for real money.

Many amateurs lose money when playing as they are not aware of how to play and the payout structure of the game, now you can practice with free online slot machines until you are confident to play for real cash. This is also a very nice option to try all kinds of slot games and evaluate them. Once you are ready to play for real money, free online slot machine game also directs you to sites where you can gamble for real.

How to Play Chiefs Magic Online Free Slot Machine Game

The minimum that a player can bet per pay line in Chiefs Magic is 25 cents and the maximum is 5 dollars. This is a very basic slot machine game and best suited for beginners who are new to the world of online gambling. Chiefs Magic is very easy to understand and can be an excellent way to start gaming. The winnings in the slot machine game are paid only to the highest combination. The game also has several winning combinations like 3 Chief symbols which can win the player anywhere from 600 to 150 coins depending on the coin size. The next highest payout combination is getting Three Chiefs Magic Symbols which can win the player anywhere from 150 to 50 coins depending on the coin size. Bet Max in Chiefs Magic bets on all 3 reels for the specified coin size.