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Chicken Little

Chicken Little free slot game

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3 Reasons for Going Gaga Over the Chicken Little Slot Game

Are you looking for an online slot game that is fun and offers tons of amazing prizes? You may give Chicken Little free slots a try. Chicken Little is an online slot game that offers an 85% chance of winning. The mechanics of the game are pretty much just the same as the basic ones used in land casinos and there are no additional bonus rounds in this slot game, so all you need is to spin reels and try your luck to win some fabulous prizes. This slot game is also non-progressive so you can pretty much say that winning is real-time. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make the Chicken Little slot game one of the hottest online casinos today.

1. The Chicken Little slot game is easy to play.

As mentioned, there are no complicated rules so if you are familiar with how slot games are played on land casinos, then you won’t have any trouble playing the Chicken Little slot game. But if you haven’t been previously introduced to slot games in general, don’t worry; here’s how:

Choose your bet, hit the “Spin” button and keep your fingers crossed for the right combination. For matching combinations in this slot game, you get a specific prize. You can then simply cash out your wins from the Chicken Little slot game and have them wired directly to your bank account.

2. Winning is easy in the Chicken Little slot game.

Of course, since it is easy to play, it is also easy to win. The huge advantage to playing the Chicken Little slot game is that it only has three reels and one payline so the chances of hitting a combination is great. Other than that, there are only a few select symbols featured in this online slot game. These icons are the Hen, Goose, Chicken Little, Acorn, and the three Bar symbols. All these symbols can grant you winnings. But the one symbol that is ultra-powerful in this slot game is the Chicken Little symbol.

3. Chicken Little offers a big win.

The only ultra-powerful symbol in this free slot game is Chicken Little. With it, you can bag any of the top three jackpot prizes during the regular round of this slot game. You can win as much as $20,000 if you have three Chicken Little symbols and a bet of $5, stacked three times. You can win $10,000 if you have three Chicken Little symbols and a bet of $5, stacked twice in a single spin of the Chicken Little slot game. And you can win $5,000 for three Chicken Little symbols and a bet of $5.

Other than that, the Chicken Little symbol is also a wild multiplier. This means that the Chicken Little symbol can be used to take the place of any other symbols on the reels just to create more winning combinations for this online slot game. Moreover, it acts a prize multiplier because it doubles your winnings every time you use it to create winning combination. As such, 2 Goose symbols + Chicken Little symbol gives you as much as $2,100 instead of just $1,050.

If you are not a high stake player, the Chicken Little online slot game will still appeal to you. This is because aside from the $5 coin value, you have a few others to choose from. These include $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $2. You can also stack these values up as to much as three times. There you go; all the rules and features have been laid out. Now get ready to play the Chicken Little online slot game and good luck!