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Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna free slot machine game

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The Big Kahuna Free Slot Machine Game- Fun And Fortune With Tropical Flair And No Downloading

The Big Kahuna is a fun, free online slot machine game with five reels and a maximum of nine paylines for you to win on. It can be played online and does not need downloading. If you like a lot of variety in your slot games, the Big Kahuna slot machine game is the game for you. Big Kahuna features two bonus features and a range of fun, tropical themed icons that will make you feel like you are sitting on a tropical beach passing the time.

A Player’s Guide To The Big Kahuna Free Online Slot Machine Game

If you love bonus rounds, then the Big Kahuna slot machine game is for you. There are two bonuses including the Volcano bonus and Pick A Mask bonus, each of which have their own payout schedules. There are eight regular symbols, a wild symbol and a scatter symbol as well as the two wild symbols mentioned above.

The theme of Big Kahuna slot machine game is definitely tropical with individual symbols including tropical fruit, lizards and island tribesmen. The Big Kahuna is the wild symbol and a monkey’s head is the scatter symbol. Both of the bonus rounds are accessed by having between three and five mask or volcano symbols on your screen. The Big Kahuna is a symbol that only works as a wild card for the fruit symbols.

You can play up to forty-five coins on the Big Kahuna slot machine game. You can bet between 5¢ and $2.25 on each spin making this a very fun and exciting online slot game. The maximum regular payout is 8,000 credits for five Big Kahuna symbols. Your maximum payout on the bonus feature will depend on how many coins you are playing and which symbols you select when you play.