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Belissimo free slot machine game

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Belissimo Slot Machine Game- Gaming with an Italian Flare

If you want to try a fun free slot machine game that does not require any downloading, check out Belissimo. This is a quick three reel online slot machine game with a maximum of five pay lines. The game has a fun and colorful look and a format that is easy to learn. Belissimo is a great game for beginners because it teaches you what you need to know about slots without a lot of extra features.

What You Need To Know To Play the Belissimo Free Slot Machine Game

Because Belissimo slot machine game does not have a lot of added features it can be quite easy to learn how to play. The no download slot game symbols are easy to understand as well. There are three different bar symbols and a chef symbol which acts as the wild card. There is also a “7” symbol and three of these will get you the maximum three symbol payout.

When you are playing Belissimo slot machine game, you can choose to spend anywhere from one token to five on each spin based on the number of paylines you want to try and score on. Each token costs 25¢ making a maximum bet worth $2.50. Payouts are based on the combination of symbols. The maximum payout for three sevens is 80 credits and if you are fortunate enough to get all wild symbols the payout is 5000 credits on five pay lines.

If you want a game that you can learn quickly and which goes fast you need to try the Belissimo free slot machine game.