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Introduction to Keno

As the famous saying goes,”There are two great pleasures in gambling: Winning and Losing!” Provided it is not your unlucky day, you may eventually end up having” something for nothing”!

The word “Gambling” is not new to the mankind. And with the invasion of online gaming you don’t need to visit a casino in order to be a gambler. There are a lot of online gambling portals which provide various games ranging from online blackjack to baccarat. You name it and they have it!

Keno History

One of such games is Keno. As the oldest gambling game Keno has many disputes regarding its early history. But it is a common belief that Keno was invented some 3000 years ago by Cheung Leung, a ruler of the great Han Dynasty, to generate additional revenues to support a war without raising taxes. The game became so famous that it helped the ruler to fund construction of the Great Wall of China.

Online Keno

Keno has changed a lot since then. The Chinese characters are changed to numbers in order to facilitate the needs of American gamblers. Playing Keno is easy. The online version of the game includes a Keno card with numbers from one (1) to eighty (80). The player has to select a wager amount and predict what numbers will be drawn by selecting one or as many as fifteen numbers on the card. The wager amount can be $1, $5 or $10. After clicking on the ‘Play’ button twenty numbers are drawn and highlighted on the Keno card automatically.

Keno Tips

In a single Keno draw there are over three quintillion different combinations that can come up. Therefore, predicting the right numbers is quite a daunting task. But you don’t have to be a math’s scholar to win. Selecting the ideal bet can help you in the start.

It is advisable to opt for $5 which can be significant in the long run. Then selecting the right amount of spots is also very important. The greater the number of spots selected, the greater the chances that at least some of your numbers will be drawn. And finally you must have the luck. After all it’s gambling and the numbers are randomly selected. Therefore it’s really impossible to predict the outcome of any draw. Some times it may work in your favor, sometimes it may not.

Keno for Free

It’s not at all necessary to play with and for money. You can also play Keno for free. Some online casinos allow you to play Keno for free just for the sake of fun. But if you want to win some money, you have to invest money.

Since its inception Keno has always been an extremely popular game, but the modern colorful and exiting graphics has taken the online Keno game to a new level.